How to participate in investment?

If you hold BTC, you can transfer it all to our BTC bank.
If you do not hold BTC, you can buy BTC through "Binance" or other trading platforms
Then transfer to our BTC bank address.
The system will automatically judge the BTC you transfer and give it a VIP level.
Interest is paid the next day.

What is the duration of the BTC contract I invested in?

The investment of btcbank belongs to the same deposit as the bank, and the investment deposit is useful for life.
No renewals or other storage fees are required.

How to earn BTC for free?

After you register again, if you don’t want to invest in BTC yourself, you can invite friends or invite others to participate on social platforms, when the subordinates you invite invest in our platform, you can get (5%+2%+1%) BTC rewards.These rewards are automatically credited to your balance for interest calculations. You can also withdraw these balances.

How to upgrade my VIP level?

We provide you with 3 VIP upgrade methods.
1. When you put idle funds on the platform. After the quota is reached, the system will automatically upgrade
2. Invite 30 lower-level users to upgrade on your original basis.
3. Invite 10 recharges offline to upgrade on your original basis.

Will there be a sudden negative interest situation?

No, our BTC bank hedges funds through user-invested funds. Keeping user funds safe is our top priority.

How much BTC can a client invest?

Each customer needs to invest at least 0.001BTC and can invest up to 100BTC